what is a digital twin?

Digital Twins are a growing market, set to be worth over $50bn in a matter of years, but do you actually know what one is or where it came from?

DES are very proud to be a leading player in the digital twin market, having successfully created and implemented twins within the defence industry, DES are ideally placed to bring this secure high quality product to your business.

A Digital Twin of an Aeroplane Engine

A Digital Twin is a virtual representation of a physical item, that enables variable factors to be played out with all risk reduced. A DES twin helps you improve your service by giving you the ability to test and trial scenarios out without affecting the current progress.

New technology, physical improvements, location changes essentially any changeable scenario can be accurately played out remotely without any disruption. For R&D a Digital Twin removes the risk of being experimental. Changes can be applied instantly and compared, if they are not successful no lives have been endangered and there can been no costs. This means that businesses can make sure all decisions are correct for them and will be beneficial. This level of future-proofing gives you the advantage over all in your field, improving your efficiency, reducing costs means from a safe scenario. As you use your digital twin to grow and develop it does too, meaning that your growth is continuous and not stagnant behind others.

Whilst the concept of Digital Twin has been attributed to Michael Grieves in 2002 when he used it for product lifecycle management, there have been workings on such a structure by NASA in the 1960s.  By 2010 John Vickers again of NASA had used the term digital twin, and from there the industry has grown exponentially and continues to develop and open to wider audiences.

Whilst harking from experimental space travel, digital twins are not just for rocket scientists. A DES twin is simple to use and completely customisable to your needs no matter what they are. The constant is that a DES twin will be able to improve efficiency and help future proof all your ventures.

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