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Cloud computing is an ever-growing concern for a wide range of businesses. VMware is a leading name in cloud infrastructure development and digital workspaces. They specialise in flexible, open connectivity which allows their customers to build and develop their IT environments.

Staying agile can help your business thrive but it needs to be backed up by solid infrastructure and modern data processing. They can help you integrate public clouds, and modernise your data centres with a suite of modern apps, improving your customer experience without compromising security.

Online security relies on good cyber hygiene to function properly. VMware focuses their attention on:

  • Least privilege
  • Micro-segmentation
  • Encryption
  • Multifactor authentication
  • Patching

Is VMware right for you?

Infrastructure Security

Ask any firm and a key concern for them and their customers is security. Virtual infrastructures can be a great tool but if it’s not secure they can end up costing you and your customers time and money. VMware focuses on applying the principle of least privilege to every business they work with and strives to provide the best level of protection for you and your end user. VMware AirWatch solutions work with computing devices, VMware Workspace ONE™ helps you perfect your user access, and VMware NSX and micro-segmentation ensure your network works perfectly.

Ecosystem Management

Threat detection is key to ensuring your ongoing network integrity. VMware has a suite of tools that help you establish a solid, secure foundation for your online data and makes sure that if an attack occurs its identified, isolated, neutralised and recorded to make sure your system wasn’t compromised.

VMware are dedicated security experts, a trusted name in cloud computing and they could be the key partner for your ongoing growth.

Security and Network Management

VMware security and network management solutions give you the consistency and infrastructure connectivity that supports your apps, data and users across your entire business network… from the cloud to the very edge of your data centre.

Cloud Management

VMware can easily handle hybrid (multi-cloud) environments that run anything from traditional to container (active cloud) workloads. vRealise speeds up the delivery of vital IT services by automating the workflow and through the use of pre-defined policies. Altogether this helps your system stay agile and flexible while allowing you to stay firmly in control every step of the way.

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