Our partner VMware delivers comprehensive cloud management solutions for your business. They can easily handle hybrid (multi-cloud) environments that run anything from traditional to container (active cloud) workloads. vRealise speeds up the delivery of vital IT services by automating the workflow and through the use of pre-defined policies. All together this helps your system stay agile and flexible while allowing you to stay firmly in control every step of the way.

VMware was named overall leader in cloud management solutions by independent analysts and represents a market leader in security.

Hybrid cloud management platforms (CMP)

Modern businesses rely on apps to provide the high end, consistent service their customers are looking for. VMware’s cloud management solutions give you dynamic, flexible security across your network infrastructure.

Your core system is only as good as the management solutions it relies on. The combination solid infrastructure and stable management ensures your network is running at its best and helps you stay ahead of the competition. Hybrid cloud systems that use VMware are more efficient and give you full control across both traditional and cloud-native applications. They also give your IT team more choice by supporting multiple models for accessing services and gives you the freedom to grow and develop your way using the tools you want to use.

Here is what VMware offers your business:

Self service

Choose from API, catalog or CLI consumption with predefined policies and permissions.

Full Automation

Resource maintenance and provisioning are fully automated through the use of blueprints that include all the component parts of requested services along with their relationships. This includes a mix of VM and container services.

Cost management tools

VMware gives you a comprehensive report and analysis of your infrastructure that helps improve capacity forecasting and helps you make plans while optimising your workload and streamlining your resource acquisition and utilisation.

Multi cloud management

Day one and two operations on privater, hybrid and public clouds through VMware and other vendors technology (inc. AWS Azure ETC)

Operation management

This software gives you a unified view of the health, performance and capacity of your infrastructure. It also proactively identifies incoming threats before they hit your end user.

Flexible and extendable

VMware is supported by a marketplace full of additional integrations and 3rd party apps/tools.

vRealize software suite

This hybrid cloud management platform helps developers build applications in any cloud with consistent, secure operations. Their tools are very developer friendly and support the development of hybrid and multi-cloud platforms like Amazon web services, Azure and Google Cloud.

vRealize cloud management

VMware allows for better integration across your software-defined data centre (SDDC) elements including Computing, networking storage and management.

The combination of vRealize Suite and Automation provide a stable structure for building and running enterprise grade cloud storage. They provide high levels of agility, control and efficiency and give your development team greater choice when developing applications. IT supports a range of sandbox models and tools.

vRealize Features:

Application ops

This lets developers quickly relate, troubleshoot and maintain the performance of micro service based cloud apps in real time.

Fully programmable

With this software suite you can easily access your infrastructure and application resources on any cloud through API, catalog and CLI across the full lifecycle of your business.

Self driving tools

This suite helps you continuously optimise your capacity and performance as your business grows.

vRealize Automation

vRealize Automation helps accelerate the delivery of a range of IT services by automating the workflow. This provides a higher degree of agility and flexibility for developers while allowing for friction free governance and better control.

vRealize Automation features:

Better agility

Accelerate your end to end process and speed up the management of your apps and infrastructure.

Flexible choices

Manage a range of multi-vendor, multi-cloud infrastructure and stateless applications using both new and existing tool and processes.

Frictionless governance

Take back control of your platform and make sure your users receive the right applications and resources from the right cloud at the service level that’s right for the job they’re doing.

Efficient cost reduction

Cut your operating expenses by automating your flow and through the reclamation of inactive resources across your network.

DES are pleased to have achieved advanced partnership with VMware through their Digital Workspace Solutions Competency. From professional services to channel partners, we are here to help meet all of your VMware needs.

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