Technology Consulting

Get Connected, Stay Connected

At DES we can help you deploy new technology throughout your business. Our expertise can help you drive growth and stay connected to your customers and clients.

Technological investment can be one of the biggest expenses you’re likely to see in modern business and getting the best bang for your buck is key. Our team of network technology professionals and security specialists have the knowledge to help you make the right choice for your business and effectively implement a range of new options to help meet your goals.

We understand the key role technology plays in every modern business working in close partnership with you we can make sure that you have the most efficient system possible. We take the time to get to know your business so that you can be sure anything we recommend will have a direct and positive impact that you can see.

By combining our years of expertise with the best of modern technology we can offer you a full range of security and network services. Our team are able to assess the most complex business situations and devise an effective solution tailored to your needs. Our team are recognised in the industry and have a diverse skill set. Our consultants have, on average, over 15 years experience and can help you get the best results quickly and efficiently.

Professional Consulting Service

When you work with our consultants you’re working with true industry professionals. Our goal is to help solve complex business problems and to make sure every customer we work with can realise their objectives.

Cloud Computing

Building the foundation for a digital world.

Digital Twin

Building virtual replicas for test and development environments.


Connecting your infrastructure.

Digital Workspaces

Enabling end users to work with any device from wherever and whenever.

Cyber Security

Providing best in class security for your digital assests.

Bespoke Engineering

Creating custom applications and hardware devices for when they do not exist.

Connect with one of our specialists

Our team are ready to help. Let’s jump on a quick call or video chat to discuss the technology challenges your organisation faces or discuss your IT roadmap.