Digital Twin Development Platforms

DES provides industry-leading defence clients with Digital Twin platforms to deliver replicas of solutions deployed in the remotest places.
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Read our case study, which reveals how DES is collaborating with BAE Systems to cut software development times and costs for new vessels within the Royal Navy’s surface fleet.

    Simulate Critical Systems and Products in Replica Virtual Environments

    Digital Twin environments use real-world data to simulate physical technologies in the digital space.

    We work with companies to create and deploy Digital Twin systems for their most important projects. By using Digital Twin environments, engineers are able to faithfully test prototypes in a totally virtual environment.

    Every Digital Twin platform we create is fully bespoke. Contact us to discuss your requirements.

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    What is a digital twin?

    Digital Twins are a digital representation of a physical system: a second and exact copy of the original on a virtualised platform.

    Digital Twins take real-world data about a physical system and produce a set of predictions or simulations of how that system will be affected by custom variables.

    “We can rapidly build twins of systems in multiple configurations in a way that is logistically and financially impossible with physical systems.”

    Jon Whitehurst
    Chief Engineer, Naval Ships Combat Systems
    BAE Systems

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    De-Risk Development
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    Test Multiple Solutions
    Digital Twin Benefit Icon 3
    Improve Time To Market
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    Greater Sustainability

    Why choose digital twin solutions?

    Digital Twins enable you to increase reliability and availability, reduce risk and product issues, and speed up your time to market.

    Digital Twins allow you to understand the performance characteristics of your physical systems and identify and rectify any potential problems before they reach a production environment.

    Digital Twin experimentation allows you to add as much simulated data as you need to investigate the desired factors. Build data in layers as your prototype gets closer to a production-ready model for granular understanding.

    Spin up multiple versions of the same product in virtual environments. Adjust parameters to test your products in multiple different scenarios, or run A/B test simulations for features and adjustments.

    Reproduce properties of materials, systems and environments in a purely virtual environment. Reduce physical production of prototypes until the last stages of product development. Simulate extended timeframes in a few minutes to stress-test core components.

    New Case Study:

    Delivering digital twin technology for

    DES provides BAE Systems Naval Combat Ships with the latest Digital Twin development platforms.

    Download our case study which reveals how DES is collaborating with BAE Systems to cut software development times and costs for new vessels within the Royal Navy’s surface fleet.

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