Cloud Computing

At Defence Enterprise Solutions, we can help your organisation to design, build and deploy a robust cloud migration plan, allowing you to move all of your vital information over to cloud-based storage quickly and effectively.
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Bespoke Cloud Computing Infrastructure and Assessment

Cloud systems can be scaled up or down at any particular time, allowing you to adjust the capacity of your storage solution in line with your business needs.

Digital transformation goes way beyond just building a cloud. You need to build and execute a plan and strategy that encompasses people, processes, and technology to deliver applications and data.

DES Certified Cloud Experts enable your digital transformation journey to the cloud, no matter where in that journey you are:

  • Cloud readiness assessments
  • Cloud strategy planning
  • Design and implementation services
  • Tailor-made cloud infrastructures
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Why Choose Cloud Storage?

Cloud storage makes it easy for employees working away from a central office location and can even allow mobile devices to access files and documents they need when they’re out of the office. Research conducted by the team at Microsoft also concluded that sharing data via the cloud can increase employee productivity, meaning that your team can get the most out of their working day, without any access-related concerns.

We understand the impact that data loss can have on any organisation, which is why we pride ourselves on ensuring that you are 100% happy with the scope of your cloud computing strategy and avoiding losing any important data.

“Cloud computing is becoming increasingly popular with many businesses, with the market having grown by nearly 20% in recent years.”

William Vargo
Chief Executive Officer
Defence Enterprise Solutions

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Whats Involved In Cloud Computing?

Our cloud solutions experts have worked on cloud infrastructures that power the UK armed forces, and are ready to help your company navigate the journey to the cloud.

Before undergoing a cloud computing migration for your business, it’s important to have a plan in place, informed by a thorough analysis and understanding of your current data storage needs and how these could potentially change and grow in the near future.

This is where Defence Enterprise Solutions come in. We’ve worked with a wealth of high-profile organisations, including the UK Armed Forces, to create tailored cloud migration solutions for large-scale and high-security data storage.

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Once you have a cloud migration strategy for your business, the next step is to implement this in a real-world environment. We can design the infrastructure and work with you and your team to ensure a smooth transition at all times.

We’ll make sure that all of your people, processes & technology are covered within the implementation process, so that your business can continue as usual, with minimal disruptions, once the migration is complete.

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No two businesses are the same and therefore, their data storage requirements will also be unique. We work closely with all of our clients to get a deep understanding of who they are and what they do, in order to deliver the best storage solution for their organisation.

If you have a niche business and are concerned about how cloud storage will work for you, let us help to alleviate those concerns and get your company prepared for the future.

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Cloud computing has fast become a standard within the marketplace and is most definitely here to stay. Its rapid growth has taken it beyond the realms of email and file storage and we now see it being applied to many different technologies across multiple industries and sectors.

Get in touch with one of our experienced team today to find out more about the benefits you can expect from leveraging the infrastructure, tools, services and applications available on demand through the cloud.

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New Whitepaper:

Why Organisations need the VMware Cloud (VMC)

DES are enabling and driving the adoption of the multi-cloud era

Download our in-depth whitepaper to understand the changing landscape of digital transformation and how we design and build multi-cloud digital environments for our customers.

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    If you’re considering making the move to cloud computing for your business, we’d highly recommend speaking with one of our specialists. They’ll be able to talk through your individual needs and provide advice on the solution that is best for you.

    We’re also on hand to answer any questions you may have about the process and what impacts and outcomes you can expect post-migration.

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