Support Services

Supporting your mission critical systems

Keeping your business running smoothly is as important to us as it is to you. Our award winning technical services team can provide operational support that fits your needs day in day out.

Simple, agile and flexible support services that help you run your business.

At DES we focus on keeping your company working without interruptions. Our priority is risk reduction, continuity strategy and creating value for your business. By establishing a close working relationship with our customers from the very beginning we can bring the full force of our years of experience into play. We get to know your needs and learn how you work so that we can better tailor our support service to your exact requirements.

What Can DES Support Services Do For You?

24-7 Service Hotline

We’ve got your back day or night. Our support team is on hand around the clock and we have offices in different time zones ready to respond to your needs without delay. We work globally so you can too.

Direct Expert Access

Most support providers work with a “pyramid shaped” support model where you move between support lines depending on the severity of each issue. We prefer to give you direct access to the best person for your needs straight away so you don’t have to keep relaying the information to people who aren’t ready to assist you. This means less hassle for you and a quicker turnaround time.

Local Support Agents

Whatever time, day or night, you need us we have local language support personnel on hand. There is nothing more frustrating than not being understood during a crisis and we have built a team that will always be able to react quickly and accurately to your situation.

Multi-Vendor Support Network

We act as a single point of contact for all your service needs. We consolidate all the service contacts necessary for your ongoing business into a practical, efficient format.

Legacy Service Support

There’s nothing worse than being told that key component at the heart of your system is out of date and no longer supported. We tailor our service to make sure your legacy hardware and software can keep running beyond its expected lifetime. Our specialist team has knowledge of your architect and device/ application setup which makes all the difference when something goes wrong.

Inventory Management And Logistical Support

We have access to a comprehensive inventory of spare parts and this helps us cur the time it takes to implement solutions and make repairs. We work to a minimum MTRS (meantime to restore services). We have a network of satellite locations across Europe that helps us get hold of hardware replacements quickly.

Extend Your Team And Improve Your Response Time.

Technology changes all the time and keeping up with the pace can be a full time job. Your in house IT team are already working hard on your day to day business needs so when there’s a crisis the extra support we offer can be vital. Instead of overworking any one part of your firm we are on your side staying ahead of the curve on the latest changes that helps you stay agile and flexible and gives you the time to focus on innovation and remaining competitive.

Custom-Fit Support For Your Business.

The support you receive from a manufacturer rarely fits your exact needs. When you start combing technologies there’s bound to be some teething issues getting all the components working in sync and keeping them that way. While most manufacturers build their products so they can be repaired if and when they break down it can be very difficult to get the support you need when you need it that’s right for your business.

There is also the issue that thousands of companies use their services and products and you may not always be at the front of the line when you need help the most. The standard SLA agreements are designed to favour the needs of the manufacturer and not necessarily the end user. Instead of leaving you to navigate a maze of service agreements, technical manuals and user portals we provide a single point of contact for all your service needs.

We tailor our service model to your needs and our experts are on hand to make sure that as your business changes so does our service.

On-Site Service Support

Our service doesn’t just handle your technical issues. We can also work on-site to help you plan, design, test and and implement new technologies as well as among your security infrastructure across your network. We offer both onsite consulting and engineering services. Our team of trained experts will work with you to setup and maintain all the systems you need to keep your business at its best.

Connect with one of our specialists

Our team are ready to help. Let’s jump on a quick call or video chat to discuss the technology challenges your organisation faces or discuss your IT roadmap.