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At Defence Enterprise Solutions, we work hard to stay on the bleeding edge of cloud, hybrid cloud and network infrastructure technologies.

Our case studies and whitepapers are compiled to provide our customers and the wider defence industry with the latest information from the IT sector and how it can apply to their business. As technology moves forward, the list of viable options for IT infrastructure exponentially increases. With years of experience, our directors and key technology experts assess options to create the best suite of tools for our clients and the project at hand.

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“Our job is to understand the myriad options for modern defence IT infrastructure and distill it into an ideal solution, with security, ease of use and minimal transition cost firmly in focus.”

William Vargo
Managing Director
Defence Enterprise Solutions

New Case Study:

Delivering digital twin technology for

DES provides BAE Systems Naval Combat Ships with the latest Digital Twin development platforms.

Download our case study which reveals how DES is collaborating with BAE Systems to cut software development times and costs for new vessels within the Royal Navy’s surface fleet.

    New Whitepaper:

    Why Organisations need the VMware Cloud (VMC)

    DES are enabling and driving the adoption of the multi-cloud era

    Download our in-depth whitepaper to understand the changing landscape of digital transformation and how we design and build multi-cloud digital environments for our customers.

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