Professional Services

Here at DES we are ready to help you meet your next digital challenge head on.

At DES we take infrastructure seriously and pride ourselves on being experts in public, private and hybrid cloud solutions.

Technology Consulting

At DES we can help you deploy new technology throughout your business. Our expertise can help you drive growth and stay connected to your customers and clients.

Cloud Assessments

As the industry moves away from on site servers to could storage companies are facing the need for major transformation. The switch to digital is happening on a global scale and access to high speed, secure cloud storage is becoming a focus for even smaller companies. Whether you’re concerned with the IoT, PaaS, Saas or IaaS cloud computing is the future.

Design and integration services

From the initial design to on site delivery we can streamline the process of building or updating your digital infrastructure. After all, it is the core of modern business.

Network Assessments

DES are industry experts in it networking and have the skills and expertise to make sure you’re up to date and working at your best. The first step in any setup is a good overall analysis of your existing infrastructure. So what is a network assessment and why do you need one?

Support Services 

Keeping your business running smoothly is as important to us as it is to you. Our award winning technical services team can provide operational support that fits your needs day in day out.

Simple, agile and flexible support services that help you run your business.

Connect with one of our specialists

Our team are ready to help. Let’s jump on a quick call or video chat to discuss the technology challenges your organisation faces or discuss your IT roadmap.