Networking and Security

Connecting & protecting from the cloud to the edge.

A journey needs a road on which to travel. In the digital world this road is the network. Whether on premises, public cloud, private cloud, or all of the above, with the hybrid cloud, these cloud platforms need to be connected and protected.

In the digital era, modern apps are no longer static and tied to specific servers or locations. They are now dynamic are distributed across datacentres and across different cloud platforms.

That means the network has to deliver a consistent and automated way to support modern apps and platforms. This is the software defined network.

With apps running across multi-cloud environments, traditional security is not enough.

You need a dynamic solution that first and foremost protects your environment from attack. Both in the cloud and at the edge.

Here at DES our network and security experts have delivered software defined networking projects as well as physical networks, where the network and its security is critical.

Our network and security experts have a wealth of experience in building and securing networks in the most demanding environments.

  • Virtual networking assessments
  • Design, build, and implementation
  • Managed services
  • Security threat assessments
  • Physical network design and implementation

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