Network Assessments

ensure your network meets industry best practices

DES are industry experts in it networking and have the skills and expertise to make sure you’re up to date and working at your best. The first step in any setup is a good overall analysis of your existing infrastructure. So what is a network assessment and why do you need one?

The first, and perhaps best, reason is the need to reduce risk. A secure wired network is a vital part of any business and is a key lifeline for your IT stack. But very few companies spend much time thinking about the resilience or safety of this core part of their business. Keeping a full time networking specialist on the payroll is beyond the scope of a lot of businesses and so it often falls by the wayside.

As your business grows you’re likely to need a network that grows with it. Changes in staffing, products and business strategy are commonplace but you also need to make sure you have the right connections setup and a healthy network infrastructure. Making small changes as you go along can often be easier and cheaper than large changes when your old system starts to fail you.

So what makes a good LAN or WAN network?

When you first setup your network is was probably just what your business needed. But as time passes and technology changes it’s easy to get left behind and even start losing business because of poor connections and slow technology. DES network assessments will give you better control over your system and help you stay up to date.

A good network is:

  • Resilient and well designed
  • Easy to use and run
  • Secure and protected from external threats
  • Efficient and well maintained
  • Fully supported by ou hardware and software

How foes a network assessment work:

Every firm is different and at DES we know that what’s right for someone else might not work for you. That is why we begin with a full assessment that covers your specific requirements. In our initial meeting we look at the following information:

  • Your existing network diagrams including what existing equipment and series you use day to day
  • Any areas of concern you might have or problems you’ve been facing
  • If required at this stage you may need to provide remote access for a full assessment.

Following this all important first meeting we can get to work on your system needs. Typically this involves:

  • Retrieving and analysing the configuration files from your equipment.
  • Checking your routing tables ad other dynamic values.
  • Live network telemetry investigation of your device health, protocol stability and any error logs you may have.
  • A full assessment of the resilience of your current network architecture.
  • Verification fo your devices health and any technical “end of life” concerns
  • Full update of out of data documentation or technical diagrams
  • Compliance management and authentication.

What results can I expect to see?

After the initial 5 day assessment period tour DES consultant will present their findings. We will supply you with full documentation on all the issues and technical measures mentioned above and anything agreed in the initial meeting. We also provide a guide as to the severity of each issue and a strategy for improvements and changes. Any issues can then be handled methodically either by yourself or with our help. We can help you tidy up your legal equipment and remove nay unused elements from your system, comply with all the current security regulations and create and backup strategy incase of future issues. We can then tidy up your system, update your software remove any remaining technical bottlenecks. This should leave you with a clean, efficient network and one less thing to worry about.

In conclusion, At DES our main goal is to help your business work for you and keep your network running like the well oiled machine it’s capable of being.

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