Redefining application delivery for the digital workspace era

Reducing the cost and complexity of application delivery

The most important thing to any organisation today are its people and data. The challenges faced by businesses are how to deliver their applications to their workforce to enable them to work with that data.

The way in which we all work today has evolved. Organizations are now providing greater flexibility to their employees allowing them additional freedom to work the way they want to.

Traditional office based working is no longer the defacto with employees physically sat at a desk during working hours. Instead employers are allowing their workforce to choose not only when and where they work from but also what device they want to use.

This new approach to remote working presents a number of challenges to enterprise  IT departments. Inuvika removes the cost and complexity of delivering their business critical applications and access to essential data.

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Why Inuvika?How Inuvika delivers innovation

Why Inuvika?

Founded in 2014, Inuvika and its OVD Enterprise solution, simplifies the delivery of applications and data to your workforce.

This simplified approach to application delivery enables people to have access to all of their Windows and Linux apps combined, delivered to any device.

Whether it’s an iPhone, iPad Android device, Chromebook, Mac or, of course, Windows and Linux desktops and thin client devices. You can of course just use a web browser if you so wish.

How Inuvika simplifies application delivery

Inuvika employs a Linux-based appliance that takes on the role of a broker. This simply authenticates logins from your users and then based on what they have been entitled to, delivers those applications to their end point device.

The applications to be delivered are installed on Windows (RDSH) servers or Linux application servers and are automatically recognized by the Inuvika OVD broker which populates the application inventory. It is then simply a case of entitling those apps to users or groups of users, enabling them to launch that application.

When it comes to cutting costs and complexity, Inuvika doesn’t require a huge amount of infrastructure. All you need is the application servers and the Inuvika Session Manager(s) which are virtual Linux appliances meaning less hardware and no additional expensive Microsoft Windows Server licenses.

Inuvika licenses are based on concurrent usage and typically cost 50% less then competitive solutions, so you can lower costs even further. In fact, Inuvika saves costs in all areas, from infrastructure to licensing, as well as end point device and simplified management.

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