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If you’re looking for a simple to operate, protective firewall that provides industry leading protection and security while reducing your costs a Fortinet NGFW could be just what you need. They provide the latest NP7 (network Processor 7) network security processing units.

These systems reduce your costs by removing points products and combining leading security capabilities including secure socket layer (SSL) inspection, web filtering and intrusion prevention systems (IPS). Together this gives you full protection and visibility across your network. They are designed to provide complete protection for both hyper-scale and hybrid IT architectures which enables your organisation to deliver the best user experience and manage your security risks.

These next generation firewalls offer great protection for your business. They start by inspecting incoming and outgoing traffic at hyper scale and at unrivalled speed. This helps you ensure that only valid, legitimate traffic without negatively affecting your users experience or causing any unwanted downtime.

FortiGate NGFWs form an integral part of the Fortinet security fabric. This means they are able to communicate within a comprehensive security portfolio the company offers as well as with third party solutions. They integrate seamlessly with AI driven fortunes services to keep your system protected against known and developing threats while improving your overall operational efficiency.


Keep your data centre secure with FortiGate network firewall technology

FortiGate use cases

Fortinet’s NGFWs help a range of organisations achieve secure, well-protected digital transformations and protect any edge and any application regardless fo scale. By improving your operational efficiency, helping automate your workflow and providing best-of-breed threat protection. They represent the industries highest security rating along with the following features and benefits.

External security threat management

Targeted external threats can pose a huge risk to your business, especially if your organisation hasn’t got full TLS decryption in place. HTTPS traffic is on the rise and if you’re business is blind to the 90% of the traffic that’s encrypted you could be exposing yourself to sever risks of data loss and business disruption. Fortinet can provide you with security-driven networking that will help you achieve full visibility across your applications and wider network.

Manage Internal issues

Once a threat takes hold inside your network it can run unrestricted through your business causing all kinds of harm. Flat networks weaken under this kind of damage because they aren’t able to offer advanced security inspections. Fortinet software segment your network to reduce the available attack surface and inhibit any attacks ability to laterally spread within your infrastructure. Any segmentation, Micro, macro, port or application based, is protected by automated workflows, adaptive trust solutions and high performance threat analysis and detection.

Vulnerability management

Without proper vulnerability management its far easier for malware to propagate and harm your network. FortiGate firewalls give you consolidated IPS without harming your performance and provides virtual patching that helps reduce the risk of known and zero day attacks harming your system.

Hyper-scale security

As online traffic increases even smaller businesses are exposed to higher and higher volumes of traffic. Traditional firewalls can slow down or even choke entirely when handling high volumes of service users. This can have a significant knock on effect on your end user and harm your business. Fortinet NGFWs give you unique, unparalleled security and protection from disruptive attacks while keeping your site accessible, responsive and open for business.

Secure cloud access

Cloud technology is here to stay and for many businesses tis already a fundamental part of everyday life. It allows for better agility, resiliency and to scale up storage on demand. At a fundamental level it relies on being bale to securely transfer data back and forth at high speeds. While traditional firewalls may suffer at high volume Fortinet offer fully up to date, next-generation firewall solutions that let you rapidly transfer larger data sets up to 100Gbps with full IPsec encryption for added security.

Features and benefits

Full visibility

Remove unwanted and uncontrolled blind spots form your infrastructure with SSL inspection across all encrypted flows.

Security integration

Share threat information data across your entire attack surface for quick, automated protection.

Threat protection

High end, best-of-breed threat protection.

Validated protection

Continuous, certified threat protection with automatic updates from known and unknown attacks.

As proud partners with Fortinet, DES are uniquely positioned to deliver end to end secure digital infrastructure solutions protected by the world’s leading security provider. Get in touch to hear how DES can help with your Fortinet solutions and help your business achieve its security goals.

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