Digital Workspace

Enabling end users to work with any device from wherever and whenever.

One of the driving forces behind cloud adoption is the digital workspace. The COVID-19 pandemic meant organization needed to accelerate the adoption of digital services to enable its employees to work from home or remotely.

The need to rapidly deploy and scale remote services to employees has brought with it many new challenges, with most contributing to unprecedented load on existing infrastructures.

In many cases organisations have relied on aging infrastructure to provide these critical remote working capabilities to their isolated and fragmented workforces. This new way of working, born out of a necessity to keep the global economy moving forwards, saw an accelerated adoption of the digital workspace.

However, this way of working has rapidly become the norm, and organisations are now having to revaluate digital workspace strategies

At DES, our digital workspace experts have worked on solutions that power the UK armed forces and are ready to help you adopt and deliver the digital workspace of the future.

Our digital workspace experts have a wealth of experience in delivering digital workspace solutions in the most demanding environments.

  • End user/device/infrastructure assessments
  • Design, build, and implementation
  • Managed services
  • Onsite project delivery Virtual team extensions

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