Cloud Computing

Building the foundation for a digital world.

Digital Transformation is a journey, and the question our clients turn to us to answer is how do I get started on the journey to the cloud?”

Those organisations already on the path to cloud adoption will have created a cloud strategy to deliver flexibility, agility, speed of deployment, and above all else, drive down costs.

However, even taking a lift-and-shift approach to cloud migration to fully realise the benefits the cloud offers, will result in numerous challenges that will need to be overcome along the way.

Challenges such as securing data and ensuring you remain compliant and meet regulatory requirement. Ensuring costs don’t spiral.

But digital transformation goes way beyond just building a cloud. You need to build and execute a plan and strategy that encompasses people, processes, and technology to deliver applications and data.

Here at DES our cloud solutions experts have worked on cloud infrastructures that power the UK armed forces, and are ready to help your company navigate the journey to the cloud.

DES certified cloud experts enable your digital transformation journey to the cloud, no matter where in that journey you are:

  • Cloud readiness assessments
  • Cloud strategy planning
  • Design and implementation services
  • Tailor-made cloud infrastructures

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