Cloud Assessments

Cloud migration strategy for your business

As the industry moves away from on site servers to cloud storage companies are facing the need for major transformation. The switch to digital is happening on a global scale and access to high speed, secure cloud storage is becoming a focus for even smaller companies. Whether you’re concerned with the IoT, PaaS, Saas or IaaS cloud computing is the future.

The main focus of cloud based storage is the additional capabilities it offers over traditional on site servers. These systems can be more agile, innovative and require far less setup. This has the added bonus that its also often cheaper to run.

So when it comes to cloud migration, where’s the best place to start? Its always important to have a good plan as to what your key areas of concern might be, establish and carry out a comprehensive plan for your data migration and this will starts with a full assessment of your individual business needs. After all, planning in advance e is a vital first step to avoiding going over budget and over time.

Plan ahead.

We start every new cloud project with a full assessment of each clients needs. This build into a plan for the project and gives you a clear, understandable timeline to follow along with. This full overview helps ensure successful execution of the migration.

This could be one of the biggest single IT projects your company faces. It might be possible to manage a small migration in house but hiring a team of specialists is bound to be cheaper, easier and far faster. Our cloud assessment helps you achieve the best results quickly and efficiently without any undue expense or delays. We know that every company needs an individual approach  and will be with you every step of the way.

How we work

Step 1: Gathering information

Knowing how you work and what you need is the first step to success. We work with you, discuss your needs and goals and work out a strategy that’s just right for you. Before we start working on your migration we make sure the plan works for your business and that all the technical plans are built around your existing workflow. The last thing we want to do is get in the way of your day to day business.

Our assessment can include:

  • Data collection entities
  • Interfaces and integrations
  • Customisations and configurations

Step 2: Analysing your cloud needs

We will work out the best options for your business and present you with a set of recommendations that are carefully selected for your needs. At this stage we can make any changes you might want to make. This helps make sure our plan fits your technical and business goals.

Step 3: Final recommendations.

Following any changes made based n the feedback at step 2 we present your team with our proposal. Once you’re happy we can begin your migration to the cloud.

So what are the benefits of a cloud assessment?

Surprises can be fun but in business there’s no such thing as a good shock. The wrong technical changes can have a severe knock on for your business. While we can’t guarantee you’ll never have a single issue once you’re on the cloud our experts can help you avoid the majority of teething troubles. At DES we’ve seen the sort of easy pitfalls that come with a lack of good groundwork and know how to avoid them.

Our team have the skills and expertise to implement your transition and our extensive industry experience makes us a go to name in cloud migration for businesses of any size.

At DES we can:

  • Reduce the time it takes to see value in your investment
  • Reduce the risks and maximise your successes
  • Manage your workflow
  • Provide extensive cloud expertise

Connect with one of our specialists

Our team are ready to help. Let’s jump on a quick call or video chat to discuss the technology challenges your organisation faces or discuss your IT roadmap.