Benefits Of using VMware

You can run any app on any cloud on any device with a digital foundation built on VMware solutions for modern apps, multi-cloud, digital workspace. The flexibility that VMware can give you and your company are vast, far more than can be written into a brief article, which is why with our in house Vexperts with close to 20 books on VMware, DES unstand VMware better than most.

Defence Enterprise Solutions have in house vExperts who have written multiple books on VMware. We are proud to partner with VMware and offer their products.

VMware provides virtualisation of almost all elements of computing at an enterprise level. Many of the benefits of VMware will contribute to the Benefits of Digital Transformations, an essential process for successful businesses in the 21st Century.

Cost Saving – Introducing VMware assists in reducing costs, moving away from hardware and creating a flexible working environment.

Boosts Efficiency – by being able to run multiple virtual machines, businesses can utilise workloads better, saving IT costs and digital working space. The VMware spread the workload efficiently, leading to optimal performance at all times.

Risk Free Testing – Vmware allows you to try out and install operating systems without endangering your productivity. This reduces risk and so is a major tool in any R&D department.

Running of Any App – Virtual machines allow you to download and run any operating software / system that you want.

Security – with more localised virtual machines this allows you to manage security locally and can be removed easily.

Interconnectivity – Vmware is ideal to work in partnership with multiple other products, from running a digital twin through, or working partnership with Juniper or Fortinet products, all combine seamlessly for optimal performance and security.

A very useful video from IBM explaining further about VMware. Contact us for a more in depth discussion as to how DES can assist you with your VMware needs.