Benefits Of using Juniper

Juniper is a global leader in the global switch market. They offer automated products which helps reduce errors and therefore reduce costs. Juniper has a very simplified user experience allowing the full capabilities to be used to their fullest extent.

The programme allows feedback at any point of programming journey and allows modified software on isolated parts without effecting the entire system.

Defence Enterprise Solutions are very proud to have Juniper as part of our partnerships with their market leading products.

Security – coming with over two decades of experience in the defence industry, security is a top priority. All Juniper products give you the highest quality of security, which is essential no matter the industry.

Affordability – better pricing structure allowing offerings for all budgets and requirements, offering a greater flexibility to their competitors.

Efficiency – by requiring less technicians, Juniper products allow growth without the need to grow the support functions.

Quality – more and more companies are moving to Juniper for their products, they last longer and are a better fit for them.

Automation – by allowing pre-set procedures to occur automatically, thus removing human error, your security will not be compromised and your efficiency continued.

Future Proof – a term that is key for any digital transformation is that it will not be out of date immediately. Juniper are constantly updating and improving their suite, using their products means your digital infrastructure is a good investment for multiple years.