Benefits Of using fortinet

Fortinet is known for being the market leader in firewalls, however there is much more to this company. DES are very proud to be a partner and provider of their products, being used globally, Fortinet products will not let you down.

With the majority of our experience in the defence industry, security is key. With online security becoming more and more important, companies must continue to develop and improve their security products to ensure that they do not suffer attacks which can cost millions and destroy the productivity of any company.

Defence Enterprise Solutions are proud to partner with the market leading provider of cyber-security products Fortinet.

Security – As to be expected the greatest benefit of using Fortinet is the level of protection they provide. Their firewalls offer market leading, deep, multi-layer, end to end security, essential in the modern digital worls.

Compatibility – The solutions are all integrated which reduces management complexity as well as sharing threat intelligence.

Experience – High risk companies put their trust in Fortinet. They know the standard you are receiving when you purchase one of their products to put your mind at ease against all potential threats.

Lower Risk – There is a broad visibility and protection of the entire digital attack surface to better manage risk.

Efficiency – With AI-driven security the networks are automated safe healing which provides fast and efficient operations.

SD-WAN – All Fortinet products have SD-WANs built in, giving you the opportunity to leverage any form of transport services.

Cost – As well as being a quality product, Fortinet blows its competitors out of the water when it comes to value. Bringing efficiency to your online running as well as cyber security budget, there are many reasons to choose Fortinet.