Benefits Of a digital twin

Digital Twins are an increasingly growing market, and if recent predictions are to be believed, will soon play an integral part in how we conduct our way of life. Here at DES we have pooled our decades of experience to bring you our top benefits of Digital Twins.

Before the Top 10 Benefits, if you are unfamiliar with what a Digital Twin does then read our article on What is a Digital Twin?

Enables Constant Improvement – A digital twin removes risk by accurately running scenarios through the system. So, any updates / new technology / locations / variable factor can be played through in a “what if scenario”.

Safety – By running virtualisations this removes human factors and so the limits of any machinery can safely be tested in the knowledge all personnel are safe. This has become more evident with the introduction of social distancing, are workplaces still safe? A digital twin will enable you to make sure they always are.

Continuation of Best Practice – experimental strategies can be ran without affecting the service required. Whether in the immediate location or thousands of miles away a digital twin enables experimentation in your field ensuring you run at your maximum potential.

Financial Efficiency – By using a digital twin you are effectively gaining the gift of hindsight, safe in the knowledge that your product will only improve the risk of R&D is removed whilst the benefits remain.

Helps the Planet – In many ways DTs in their simplest form reduces hard materials in the planning phase. By ensuring you are running at maximum efficiency this means that there is the ability to use as little energy as possible assisting in reducing all of our carbon footprints. The cloud based structure also allows global experts to assist in improvements from anywhere in the world whereas previously flights were required to see the processes.

Future Proofing – All changes can be visualized to ensure that you make the right choice for your business. New location? New softare? New product? See all options in advance and compare removing the risk and cost of poor decision making.

Multi-Industry – share experiences and learn. A digital twin is an umbrella term that brings together unlimited possibilities in business enhancement and improvement.

Global Expertise – Cost efficiency and LEAN processes used to be fixed to the product location, however DES have created a cloud based twin. This enables you to get the best talent globally to assist you to enhance your processes. This reduces costs as there is no travel / time required to get the best in-field experts into your company.

Existing Insights – if you are running a fully autonomous structure can you improve it? But if you are working with a human workforce could this be improved by automation? Test and trial without the risk of blindly trusting new technology.

Flexibility – any changeover period can be virtualised in advance to have the most efficient process possible. This in turn saves costs and time freeing you up to ensure other areas are also running as efficiently as possible. Want to find out more about digital twins?

A digital twin of an aeroplane engine