Virtual Security Assessments

With apps running across multi-cloud environments, traditional security is not enough. We help stay connected and protected.
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Dynamic solutions that protect your digital environment from attack

How can you ensure virtual network security for your business in the age of online communication?

In the digital era, modern apps are no longer static and tied to specific servers or locations. They are now dynamic are distributed across data centres and different cloud platforms. That means the network has to deliver a consistent and automated way to support modern apps and platforms. This is the software-defined network.

You need a dynamic solution that first and foremost protects your environment from attack. Both in the cloud and at the edge. Here at DES our network and security experts have delivered software-defined networking projects as well as physical networks, where the network and its security are critical.

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Assessing your Network Security

If you’re not sure where to begin, it helps to know what virtual security looks like. Virtual network security is the process of ensuring that:

  • Your employees are using secure machines, operating systems and web browsers.
  • Any servers or applications hosted by your business are properly secured against unauthorized access.

While these are good starting points and very important to keep in mind, full and in-depth virtual security assessments should be carried out by experienced professionals, in order to ensure that nothing is overlooked.

Virtual Security Quantified For Your Business

During our assessment, our specialists will identify any weaknesses in the current protection of your virtual environment, including cloud networking security when your employees are sharing data online.

Once the assessment has been carried out, we’ll present our findings to you, along with detailed recommendations on how your overall security can be improved. These could include simple changes or those which require extensive development.

We’ll answer any questions you may have on the recommendations and once you’re happy, we’ll get to work bringing your virtual network security up to date as soon as possible.

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If you’d like to discuss any virtual security concerns you have for your organisation, or if you’re interested in booking an assessment to find out where you can improve, get in touch with one of our experienced team today.

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