Network Assessments

We work with businesses within the defence sector to create a road map for the future development of your networks using our extensive knowledge base and experience.
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Ensure your network meets industry best practices

As time passes it’s easy to get left behind due to poor connections and dated technology.

DES network assessments will give you better control over your system and help you stay up to date. We provide a comprehensive Network Assessment solution for businesses operating within the Defence industry. Our qualified professionals will carry out a defence network audit, in order to identify the successes and development points of your existing network solution.

In many cases, this network assessment can be carried out remotely, so you don’t have to worry about being without access to your data or machines for long periods of time. Because it’s cost-effective, this is an ideal way for any size business in the defence industry to improve their network performance.

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What's Included in a Network Assessment?

Here are some of the things that we cover as part of a defence network assessment It’s worth noting that each business is unique and some areas may require further analysis following our initial checks:

  • Retrieving and analysing the configuration files from your equipment.
  • Checking your routing tables and other dynamic values.
  • Live network telemetry investigation of your device health, protocol stability & error logs
  • Assessing the resilience of your current network architecture.
  • Verification of your device’s health and any technical concerns
  • Full update of out-of-date documentation or technical diagrams
  • Compliance management and authentication

Actioning Your Network Assessment

After the initial 5-day assessment period, your defence network review findings will be presented to you, along with any stakeholders of your choosing. We will supply you with full documentation on all the issues and technical measures mentioned above and anything agreed in the initial meeting

We also provide a guide as to the severity of each issue and a strategy for any required improvements and changes. We’ll let you know at each issue how we can help to resolve this. Our main goal is to ensure your network supports you by keeping it up to date and working at its best.

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If you’d like to know more about our defence network assessments and how they can help propel your business into the future, get in touch with one of our experienced specialists today.

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