Assessment and Support

We take infrastructure seriously and pride ourselves on being experts in public, private and hybrid cloud solutions.

Cloud Assessments

Cloud computing is becoming more widely used in the UK’s defence sector to reduce IT costs, improve agility and increase efficiency.

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Network Assessments

We work with businesses within the defence sector to create a road map for the future development of your networks using our extensive knowledge base and experience.

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Virtual Security Assessments

Dynamic solutions that protect your digital environment from attack. With apps running across multi-cloud environments, traditional security is not enough. We help stay connected and protected.

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Support Services

Supporting your mission-critical systems with expert knowledge. We get to know your needs and learn how you work so that we can better tailor our support service to your exact requirements.

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Connect with one of our specialists today to discover how Defence Enterprise Solutions can add value and versatility to your business, without compromising on security.

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