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Arista Software-defined cloud networking

Organizations are migrating to a cloud-centric world, whether that is private cloud, public cloud, hybrid, or multi-cloud, or all of the above. Why are they migrating? A number of reasons including flexibility, agility, and cost, are cited as some of the reason organisations look to the cloud.

However, part of that migration is the ability to communicate across cloud platforms and move from a static network model to one that is dynamic and cloud ready.

Arista’s innovations in cloud networking solutions and technology make this dynamic model possible. In turn this innovation enables modern cloud native applications to run, applications such as social media and big data. The proliferation of server virtualisation and hyperconverged infrastructures that enable the cloud but creates the challenge of much more densely populated datacenters that need more connections for not only servers, but now network-based storage. Couple this with the new work anywhere world in which we live today, this places enormous demands on the network infrastructure.

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Why Arista?How Arista delivers innovation

Why Arista?

Arista cloud networking extends the guiding principles of cloud-scale operators offering a comprehensive portfolio of cloud networking solutions designed for the data center, hybrid cloud, wide area, and low-latency environments. These principles use open APIs, delivering programmability at every layer, cloud automation, self-service zero-touch provisioning, and a standards-based Universal Cloud Network (UCN) deployment architecture.

How Arista delivers innovation

At the heart of the Arista solution is their innovative network operating system, Arista EOS®, Extensible Operating System. EOS has been built from the ground and built specifically for today’s dynamic network environments that include both physical and virtual networks.

EOS is built using standards-based providing customer a platform that helps organizations to automate their IT workflows while integrating with third-party solution to achieve best-of-breed multi-vendor network solutions. This integrated approach enables organisations to gain enhanced visibility, faster problem isolation and correction, and a far greater level of network performance data and analysis.

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