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Our staff have over fifteen years of experience helping to design, develop and deliver on some of the UK’s biggest defence projects for clients such as Airbus and BAE Systems.
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We build the foundations for your thriving digital economy

Over 15 years of specialist experience providing cloud computing and IT infrastructure capabilities to the UK defence industry.

At Defence Enterprise Solutions, we pride ourselves on providing a best-in-class experience for our clients and empower our customers to innovate with best-in-class solutions and technologies. Headquartered in London, our projects have taken us all over the world, from Afghanistan to the middle of the Atlantic Ocean.

Our consultants are highly-experience and experts in their respective fields. Some of our consultants have literally written the book when it comes to their particular areas of expertise. Taking this in-depth knowledge, Defence Enterprise Solutions can solve the most demanding challenges our clients face today with their Digital Transformation journeys.

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Quality And Sustainability

At DES we care deeply about our planet, which is why sustainability and how we can reduce our environmental impact are at the heart of everything we do.

We actively promote eco-friendly practices, not only in our own business but in our clients’ businesses too, helping to cut emissions and carbon footprints.

We partner with companies who share our views and priorities. In particular, the industries we work with help develop the world, protect people, or aid the education of others. Digital infrastructure in its development can reduce emissions, and aid both the planet and your business.


Our well-established Quality Management System, which is ISO 9001-certified, provides solid, efficient rules and procedures, enabling all areas of the organisation to operate effectively and under control.

To achieve the highest levels of customer satisfaction, we are dedicated to fully comprehending each client’s needs, providing them with the solutions they have agreed upon, and exceeding their expectations.


When it comes to controlling third party risk in the supply chain, JOSCAR assists the defence industry in meeting the increasingly complex and varied regulatory requirements.

As a registered supplier, DES contributes services so that JOSCAR may serve as the one-stop shop for pre-qualification and compliance data, saving time and effort during the procurement process.


This significant programme, which was started by the UK government in 2014 to lower cyber risks for all types of organisations, contributes to the protection of the nation’s expanding digital economy.

We have been evaluated in five crucial control areas: safe configuration, access control, malware protection, and patch management for boundary firewalls and internet gateways.

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If you’re considering making the move to cloud computing for your business, we’d highly recommend speaking with one of our specialists. They’ll be able to talk through your individual needs and provide advice on the solution that is best for you.

We’re also on hand to answer any questions you may have about the process and what impacts and outcomes you can expect post-migration.

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